Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville, New JErsey Contact Information

Elected Officials
The City of Pleasantville uses the Mayor-City Council form of government.

Mayor:    Jesse L. Tweedle, Sr.

Council President Lincoln Green
Councilwoman Judy Ward
Councilman Ricky Cistrunk
Councilman Stanley Swan
Councilman William Christmas
Councilman Lockland Scott
Councilman Augustus Harmon


City Council: 
All members reachable at 609-484-3600


Other City Officials:

Linda D. Peyton, City Administrator
Gloria Griffin, City Clerk
Jacqueline Amado-Belton, Director, Economic & Industrial Development
Alfred R. Scerni City Solicitor
Robert Hoffman Fire Chief
Luis Ruiz, Chief of Police
Deborah L. Washington Recreation Director
Megan Fasy,  Part time Tax Assessor
Flor Roman Tax Collector
Kevin Cain Zoning/Construction
Robert Oglesby Public Works
Cynthia Doughty, Municipal Court Administrator

Contact Information:

Pleasantville City Hall 18 N. First Street Pleasantville, NJ 08232
Phone: 609.484.3600 Fax: 609.641.8642